What to Ask Before Hiring an Upper Valley Cleaning Services Company

April 7, 2017

Quality, value, and performance are the key attributes that a certified Upper Valley cleaning services company should offer to its clients. However, with the proliferation of rogue janitorial companies today, finding the best commercial cleaning services is not an easy affair.

With that in mind, it is extremely vital that you exercise utmost caution when hiring a cleaning service company. Here are some questions to ask that can help you get the best service.

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services

1. How long have you been in operation?
Typically, the longer a company has been in operation, the more trustworthy and competitive it will be in upholding its operations. While newly formed cleaning companies may still be struggling with training workers, time management, quality control and the like, you should not entirely rule them out as most of them may be offering huge discounts to attract new clients.


2. Are you insured?
Any reliable Upper Valley cleaning services company should be fully insured. This allows compensation for any damages that may be incurred during the cleaning hours. Ensure that you verify the company’s insurance coverage through its insurance provider.


3. Do you provide your employees with workman’s compensation insurance?
Ensure that the company provides its employees with worker’s liability insurance. This prevents you from facing a lawsuit if a cleaner is injured or contracts a disease while cleaning your property.


4. Do you carry out background checks on your employees?
This includes any criminal background checks, verification of social security number, character references, and employment history. Upper Valley cleaning service company prescreens every employee to ensure that we hire the best and ideal employees for the job.


5. What does your training consist of?
One major advantage of hiring a professional Upper Valley cleaning service is the quality of their job. Ideally, choose a cleaning service company that offers continuing training programs to their employees.


6. Do you have a proven process (checklist) of tasks being performed?
Every company has its own idea of what a basic service should entail. Therefore, it’s vital that you get a written and detailed specification upfront so that you can know exactly of what you are paying for. This will also help you ensure that the company is keeping its end of the bargain.


7. Do you have a quality assurance program in place?
A good cleaning company conducts regular quality checks through mail surveys, phone calls, and leave behind comment cards. A quality assurance program ensures that high standards are maintained.


8. What happens if I’m unhappy with your cleaning service?
A certified and decent cleaning company will do their best to correct any issues, or be willing to refund your money if you are unhappy. Such companies also have an official complaints procedure that you can follow.


9. Who provides the equipment and supplies?
The company should be able to provide with all the supplies and cleaning equipment. This prevents product misuse and saves your hundreds of dollars on your annual cleaning bill.

Hiring a cleaning service implies that you will be entrusting someone else with your facilities probably for a very long time. So do not rush to choose your service. Instead, invest your time wisely and do some extra research before settling on a specific commercial cleaning company.


Key Take-A-Ways

Ensure that the company you hire:

· Is well-established.

· Carries out adequate background checks before hiring new staff.

· Is itself insured and provides workman’s compensation.

· Has an official complaints procedure.

· Offers training programs to its workers.

· Covers the overall cost of cleaning supplies and equipments.

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