What Type Of Cleaning Wipe Do I Use On Each Surface?

January 9, 2021

What type of wipes can tackle grease, grime and ingrained soil? There are a lot of wipe on the market that are perfect for cleaning up those small spills in life.

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In most building environments the needs for a heavy duty cleaning wipe is not necessary. Our increasing reliance on computers and automated processes have reduced the needs to get dirty in many cases. Traditional pressrooms, print-ships, machine shops, manufacturing are still in need of people that can do touch cleaning tasks. We haven’t reach the point where robots can clean the way a person cleans yet.

Today’s wiping cloths have become cleaner and more efficient and inline with the type of work to be done. For example, dirt and grease on a shop floor was once cleaned away with a rag that would be kept in the employee’s pocket. These were traditionally assorted rags of various materials like t-shirts, underwear cloth that was non-absorbant. Some of these rags would already be soiled or have zippers that would scratch the surface you are cleaning. Rags like this were and are an ineffective and in-efficient solution for commercial or residential cleaning.

What about microfiber cloths?

Microfiber cloths are an exception. You might think they are a rag like the ones mentioned above, but you would be very wrong. Microfiber cloths are a polyester and nylon fiber woven together. They create a net-like surface that can absorb and trap and moisture, dirt and other particles.

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The nylon, or polyamide, in the microfiber has a static electric charge that attracts and traps dirt particles.

During manufacturing, microfiber towel manufacturers use a chemical process to split microfibers and create a positive electric charge. This causes dirt and debris, which has a negative charge, to be attracted to and stick to the fabric.

Microfibers are about one-sixteenth of the thickness of a human hair. So, microfiber towels have many more fibers than in a typical cleaning cloth, allowing them to deep-clean surfaces more easily. Their many fibers can get into pores and crevices traditional cleaning tools can’t and pick up microscopic dirt and germ particles.

The nylon in the microfiber also helps the microfiber towels be absorbent and dry quickly. In fact, microfibers can absorb up to seven to eight times their weight in liquid. Microfiber towels can be used wet or dry to clean surfaces and don’t require any other chemicals or polishes — they can remove up to 99 percent of dust, dirt and other residues on their own. They’re thought to be four times more effective than traditional cleaners.

Disposable Wipes For Different Surfaces

Cleaning Countertops and Other Hardsurfaces

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Clorox disinfecting wipes work well when you have to clean surfaces exposed to germs such as your toilet or kitchen sink. While wipes are not meant for scrubbing tough dried-on dirt, they do a great job at quickly cleaning most surfaces in your home. Some wipes even have abrasive qualities, allowing you to scrub some surfaces while killing germs and bacteria.

Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

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When fingerprints, smudges, and splatters start showing up on your windows and doors, it is time for a wipe-down. Window wipes make it easy to give glass surfaces a quick clean without having to spray glass cleaner all over the house. You do not have to use extra paper towels; just grab the wipe and start using it. Most window wipes have enough liquid that you can get quite a long use out of each wipe.

Cleaning Bathrooms (Tub and Tile)

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Scrubbing a bathtub and bathroom tile is often one of the most labor-intensive chores due to the location of the surfaces and their level of grime. Method makes this pesky task easier with a wipe that easily wipes down bathtubs and shower stalls. We especially love that Method’s wipes come in unique scents, like lavender, pink grapefruit, and lime-sea salt, so your bathroom will smell clean, but not overwhelmingly like cleaning products. Pay attention to the product you use depending on the surface, though: bathtubs and showers that have been resurfaced may require special, abrasive-free cleaners.

Cleaning Furniture

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Wood wipes not only remove dust​ but also polish and clean wood with just one wipe. These are especially great if you do not regularly care for the wood surfaces in your home or office. Instead of simply dusting with a little elbow grease, you can use these wipes to ensure your surfaces are truly clean, polished, and shining once again.

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