When Your Bathroom Smells Bad!

November 16, 2019

The bathroom in your office in the Upper Valley Region is part of your reputation in the area. The culprit to your stinky bathroom at the office just might be your cleaning company. Should you just put an air freshener in there to cover it up? No, masking the odor in your bathroom is never the answer. Adding a chemical to the air just adds more issues to your bathroom and many people today are sensitive to their types of air fresheners.

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Bathrooms in your facility have one of the strongest impacts on your business. The rest of your office may look great, but if your bathrooms look aweful, this will leave a lasting reminder to your customers. Often this leads to customers not returning, especially in restaurants.

So, why are bathrooms so stinky?

Even the most competent and effective commercial cleaning companies have issues with bathrooms. This is often because the scheduling does not keep up with the foot traffic in those bathrooms. Here are some questions to ask:

  1. Is it your cleaning company that is not doing enough?
  2. Is it a matter of surface cleaning or deep cleaning?
  3. Is it the frequency of cleaning?
  4. Are there issues with the plumbing in the facility?
  5. Are there areas in the bathroom that are getting left incomplete?

The answer to this question is that both you and your cleaning company likely need to be doing more to make sure the restroom area smells fresh and looks clean. On your side, communicating the amount of traffic that each restroom gets on a day to day basis can help give your cleaning company a rough estimate of how often they need to be cleaning and restocking. For your commercial cleaning service, they need to be acutely aware of where smells are coming from and how best to mitigate them. Regardless of how clean your restroom looks, if there is a noticeable foul smell, it isn’t going to reflect well on you or your facility.

How To Deal With A Stinky Situation

The best way to deal with restroom smells is to understand where they come from and how to best eradicate them. Most well ventilated and regularly cleaned restrooms don’t have a problem with the normal smells associated with using them. Offensive odors usually arise when other issues are at play. The most typical culprit with regard to restroom odor is urine. Urine is in large parts urea, nitrogen, proteins and other bodily wastes that can collect in all kinds of places creating foul smells.

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Sometimes bathrooms just need more attention because of the traffic flow through your building. There are always going to be some areas that have higher traffic than others. These are the areas that you should schedule with your cleaning company to be cleaned more often.

All to often your cleaning company provider will come in during off-hours and clean the building and bathrooms. You will need to monitor the traffic to your bathrooms and work with your cleaning provider to pick the correct schedule for cleaning. This often leads to one to two cleanings per day depending on traffic. Some bathrooms need more attention than others.

Target The Problem, Not The Symptoms

As with anything in life, targeting the symptom only covers up the problem. Get to the root of your bathroom problem. Having a restroom cleaning checklist will help you to address problems and evaluate your cleaning service. This will help you to determine if you are cleaning your bathrooms properly and often enough. Once you have evaluated that, you can work to implement the correct procedures and schedules to fix your stinky bathroom.

Partner With The Right People

Partnering with the right cleaning company in the Upper Valley “Dartmouth College” region is critical. There are many cleaning companies providing services here. If your bathrooms are not receiving the attention that they need, give us a call. You deserve a cleaning company that cares about your business as much as you.

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