Which Should I Hire: A Cleaning Specialist or a Generalist?

October 21, 2019

Keeping a facility clean is not easy. Everything from your hard-surface floors, carpets, upholstery, bathrooms, waiting rooms, and windows will get dirty and need to be cleaned regularly. 

With so much cleaning to do in your facility daily, weekly, and monthly, it often takes several people to do the job effectively. The question is, as a facility manager, how do you manage the workload? Do you hire outside help, or do you hire internal staff to handle it? 

The reality is there is no right answer. You will need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of hiring a specialist or hiring internal staff. We’ll help you take a look. 

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services

Hiring General Cleaning Vendors

Every building and facility manager works with a janitorial company in some capacity. Whether it is to handle waste removal, clean bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping, carpet cleaning, or dusting. One of the biggest reasons facility managers hire janitorial companies for extra cleaning is that it is convenient. It often can be simpler for the facility manager only to have to deal with one vendor instead of dealing with multiple. 

Hiring A Cleaning Specialist For Your Building

When you hire a specialist in any field, you are hiring someone that has spent years educating, training, and practicing their craft. You get someone that is very skilled in that particular area.

Example: You have pain in your should and go to your family doctor to get examined. They refer you to an orthopedic specialist. 

There are general cleaners, and then there are specialists. The general cleaner can do a lot of things well, but a cleaning specialist is far more educated and invested in providing you with the best service possible. That often means they have better equipment, staff, training, and experience. At Upper Valley Cleaning, we are specialists.  

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services

How Are We, Specialists? 

For instance, we specialize in carpet cleaning. Our team has gone through hundreds of hours of training and practical application to be the best in the area. We also clean flooring, tile & grout, and upholstery. We’ve invested in the training and technology to make carpet and floor cleaning better. 

For instance: When cleaning your carpet, one of the first steps is to vacuum the carpet properly. The next step is to pretreat. This is where a lot of people make mistakes. They often don’t let the pretreat dwell enough on the carpet. The proper dwell time will ensure a cleaner carpet with the proper green chemicals too. 

Long Term Savings

Often the general cleaner is focused on getting the job done and moving onto the next problem. The specialist is more focused on getting the job done, too, but they also focus on protecting your long-term investment by helping you find ways to maintain your facility better. 

One of the ways that specialists achieve this goal is to help you adopt a carpet cleaning program. This carpet cleaning program has the potential to save you thousands of dollars by extending the life of the carpets in your building through regular cleaning maintenance. 

Working with a specialist can and will help to protect one of your greatest investments, the building you work in, which in-turn protects your employees by providing a clean, healthy work environment. 

What Is Correct For Your Building? 

The real answer is both. You need a general cleaner to take care of the daily duties of vacuuming, cleaning windows, emptying the trash, and sterilizing your restrooms. Outsourcing that general cleaning can reduce costs, increase productivity, and provide an overall better environment for your staff. 

Ways Specialty Cleaning Can Help You

  • By cleaning your carpets regularly
  • By sanitizing your restrooms and kitchens
  • By cleaning those hard to reach windows
  • By steam cleaning your tile & grout
  • By stripping and waxing your hard-surface floors. 
  • By cleaning and polishing your hardwood floors
  • By cleaning your upholstery regularly

All of these specialties are areas that Upper Valley Cleaning excels at. Give us a call today to see how we can help you save time and money. 

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