Who’s Responsible? Elder Care Nursing Home Cleaning Services

March 22, 2022

What to think about.

When family members must choose a nursing home to help with the care and safety of their loved one, there are many factors that contribute to that decision.  While the location, the monthly fee, the professional staffing, and the planned activities are all important components, the overall cleanliness of the nursing home is often the one deciding influence.

If a family member readily sees soiled carpeting, cloudy windows, filthy surfaces, and unclean bathrooms during a tour of the facility, you can guarantee he or she is wondering:

“If this is what they feel comfortable displaying about their facility to visitors and potential clients, what is behind-the-scenes that isn’t so obvious?”

While you, as the owner or General Manager, are ultimately responsible for the overall appearance and cleanliness of your nursing home, that responsibility should get designated to two other groups of people under your supervision. And, they are:

Performance Janitorial Cleaning Services

Your Staff.

If you don’t set the precedent, from the moment your staff is hired (and through ongoing training), that cleanliness is just as important as resident safety, your staff won’t feel any semblance of responsibility for doing anything above and beyond their basic job description.

For example if a Nursing Assistant finds that the paper towel dispenser in one of the “public” bathrooms is empty, or that there’s a pile of soiled ones on the floor next to the wastepaper basket, he or she should have the initiative to pick up the strewn paper and to either replace the out-of-stock roll or immediately contact the person who handles that task.

In a nursing home environment, staff members should feel accountable, responsible, and willing to do their part to contribute to the overall pristine cleanliness of their facility.


The Commercial Cleaning Service You Hire.

While you certainly want your staff to identify and rectify any sanitary and cleanliness concerns as soon as they arise, their individual efforts intermingled between their specific resident-care responsibilities can’t possibly compete with the services of a professional cleaning company. Partnering with a cleaning company that has expertise in working in a nursing home environment will instantly relieve you from the huge responsibility (and worry) of hoping and wondering if your facility is always germ-free, sanitary, and presentable for its residents, their visitors, your staff, and unannounced healthcare industry representatives.

Elder Care Nursing Home Cleaning Services offer many benefits:

  • Zero HR issues: You don’t have to recruit, train, schedule, evaluate, and retrain a full-time, in-house, janitorial staff.
  • It’s more cost-effective to secure the services of a professional cleaning company than to pay an entire in-house janitorial staff a salary and benefits.
  • You can rest assured knowing that the proper safe and effective cleaning chemicals will be used and that potentially hazardous wastes will be handled according to industry-established protocols and procedures.
  • There will be a significant and consistent reduction in the spread of germs and infection throughout your facility.
  • One focus, one mission. It’s easy for in-house staffing to get distracted by colleagues or other responsibilities that need to be done simultaneously; a professional cleaning service is hired for one job, one purpose: to get and keep your facility clean.

Key Take-a-ways:

  • You (as the Owner or General Manager of your facility) are ultimately responsible for the appearance, maintenance, and cleanliness of your facility.
  • You should expect your staff to be ever mindful of situations or areas that can be easily and quickly cleaned or maintained instantly.
  • For the best possible outcome for your nursing home, hire Upper Valley Cleaning, LLC to take on the overall huge task of ensuring your facility is pristine 24/7.

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