Why is daycare Cleaning Services Needed?

January 25, 2022

Daycare cleaning services are a critical part of killing germs and viruses in the classroom. When we enter schools and daycare centers we don’t realize the number of germs that are around us. Often, we don’t even notice when other children around our children are sick. A little sniffle or a slight cough could be the common cold, flu or COVID. Daycare centers should be cleaned every day from top to bottom, but not deep cleaning any section of your daycare facility can put your center at risk. This can lead to low enrollment and an unhealthy school environment for children. Here are some important factors why professional cleaning services are needed.

Student Safety

Many children come down with sickness because of unsanitary areas of your daycare. This is often called the daycare syndrome.

Dr. Aronson says it’s challenging to keep people well who are from different families and share any type of common space. Close contact and touching of surfaces in any common space spreads infection. Spread occurs in many places in the community including grocery stores, churches, libraries, shared play spaces, restaurants, and on public transportation.

But yet, there’s a feeling that child care settings get the most blame … thus the non-medical term “daycare syndrome.”

Possibly that’s because the majority of families with young children use some form of non-parental care, and that’s where most young children will come into contact with others outside their family.

The Bureau of the Census reported in 2013 that at any one time, 61 percent of children 0 to 4 years of age are enrolled in regular child care arrangements while parents do something else outside the home. In families with employed moms, 88 percent of the young children participate in child care, spending an average of 36 hours per week in child care.

Pennsylvania has 723,438 children age four and younger. Of these, 336,901 children less than six years of age live in two-parent families with both parents in the labor force, and potentially need non-parental care for some part of the day. Another 230,297 live in single-parent families with the parent in the labor force. This totals 567,198 children or 78 percent of children under six years of age who are likely to need child care while their parents work.

So, it’s easy to see why child care centers are most often blamed for sick toddlers.

According to Dr. Aronson, who practices in Media, Pa., whenever children first enter group care, whether as infants or toddlers, preschool or school age, they have a more intense exposure to infectious diseases.

Attendance Increases

Daycare cleaning and disinfecting using electrostatic spraying cleans and disinfects every surface in your daycare reducing the daily number of pathogens that can infect your students, faculty and parents. This for starters, helps improve the overall attendance rate for your daycare which increases your revenue and reputation.

daycare cleaning services

Don’t use your staff to clean

When you hire staff, you don’t require them to do deep cleaning of a classroom or restroom. They are there to teach and enrich the students’ lives through education. They are not experts in cleaning and disinfecting. They also don’t have the proper training and tools to clean and disinfect like a professional. By hiring a professional daycare cleaning service you let the staff focus on education, reduce stress and effectively scrub away the germ-infested areas of your daycare.

Don’t guess at whether the surfaces in your school are germ-free. Let the professionals at Performance Janitorial clean and electrostatically disinfect your classrooms ensuring all surfaces are covered and germs are dead. Give us a call today.

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