8 Ways To Make Your Houseguests Feel At Home

August 14, 2021

Depending on what time of year it is and where in the country you live, you may find yourself hosting houseguests often. I don’t live in a high tourist area that would warrant having houseguest frequently. That doesn’t mean our home could do a little extra for those special times that we do have houseguests. Here are eight ways to make your houseguests feel right at home when in your home.

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  1. Ask your guests about food allergies ahead of timeWhether friends, family or strangers asking your guests ahead of time about potential food allergies can be a lifesaver. Most likely it is just extra hospitable. You can ask them a simple question like, “We normally have breakfast at 7 am, is there anything that you would love to eat?” “Do you have any food allergies that I should be aware of?”
  1. Give your guests a meal plan This may sound corny, but guests come in all different flavors depending on the season. It may be helpful to figure out what type of meals everyone likes and put together a meal plan for a week or two depending on the length of their visit. Many people have food allergies and may need special types of food like gluten-free. Planning your meals out for you and your guests will help you to avoid any foods they may be allergic to and will help you save time.
  1. Coffee Time! Sharing a cup of Jo is one of the universal ways to show hospitality to your guests. Find out what time they like to rise in the morning and set the coffee pot to brew automatically. That way you don’t have to bolt out of bed, but can share a cup of coffee in the morning with breakfast. Sharing a cup of coffee is a great way to break the ice in the morning after a restful night sleep.
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  1. Get Breakfast Ready If my wife and I are preparing breakfast for our guests in the morning, it’s fun to prepare a little something extra like muffins. Another great way to make your guests feel extra special is set the dishes and silverware out ahead of time. It will be challenging for your guest to find these items as it is not their house. Place all of the items that your guests may need out on the countertop so they can find things easily. Don’t make them search for regular items in your kitchen.
  1. Share the WIFI Almost everyone today has a smartphone and laptop. When your guests are in your house, place a piece of paper in the refrigerator that has the WIFI password available for them. That will help them to save their mobile data and feel right at home.
  1. Power Galore One of the frustrating parts about being away from home is finding the power strip or outlet to charge my phone and laptop. Get an extra power strip out and place it near their bed so they can power up at night. This will be helpful, especially in older homes where there is a lack of three prong outlets.
  1. Bottled Water I have also found it very useful to place a couple of bottles of water by the bed or in your guest’s room. They may wake up at night or during the day and have the water right there is a nice touch.
  1. Flowers Anywhere You Go Flowers are ideal for any room. Before you place flowers in your guest’s room, find out if they have any allergies. Then find a beautiful potted plant that will accent your guest’s room and put it on a nightstand or dresser.

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