Commercial Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

When you sweep, vacuum or mop to clean your hard surface floors, you're not removing all of the dirt. Cleaning hard surface floors requires a deep dirt extraction because, without it, dirt and debris, and allergens settle into the cracks and crevices.

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Are They Really Clean?

When you use professional floor cleaning services regularly, you can extend the life of your floors, keeping them looking great longer.

Employees and customers track debris from outside onto your floors creating dust, grime buildup, and debris. We clean your floors to restore the luster and protect them for future use.

Clean Beyond Mopping

Performance Janitorial provides professional hard surface floor cleaning for most commercial floor types. The first step is to assess the condition and material of the floor. Then we provide you with a comprehensive plan to clean and maintain your hard surface floors.

Floors like hardwood are among the most popular choices for small business offices, but keeping them clean can be a challenge. Regular maintenance helps maintain beauty and durability and removes debris build-up that accumulates over time, damaging your floors.

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Professional Cleaning Benefits

Performance Janitorial floor cleaning offers many benefits, including:

  • Removes dirt, grime, and non-living allergens from pet dander
  • Increase floor life
  • Provides a superior clean vs. typical mopping
  • Provides a protective battier to protect any future damage
  • Adds a durable shine
  • Uses minimal moisture, preventing potential damage to floors

Today, there are dozens of home cleaning solutions to hard surface and hardwood floors. While these products can provide short-term results, they can also cause unseen damage and leave behind a residue film that builds up over time. Periodic professional hard surface floor cleaning is the best choice and benefits from maintaining and enhancing your floors' look and function.

Why Should I Hire Performance Janitorial For Hard Surface Floor Cleaning?

Professional floor cleaning helps create a cleaner and healthier business for employees and customers. Vacuuming doesn't remove all dirt and debris on your hard surface floors, and mopping tends to just spread dirt around without removing it.

Performance Janitorial goes beyond the surface clean, and we extract the embedded dirt from your hardwood, VCT, and other floors. Our auto floor scrubber gets deeps into the floor and removes debris. Our microfiber mop and fan dry the entire area so the floors can be walked on immediately with no water damage. We also can strip and wax your VCT floors for a new-like finish.

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