Residential Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning Gives Your Home A New Look

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Your Busy All Week

Your schedule is full all week with work and other activities. Why not let Performance Janitorial take on some of the dirty work with Professional Window Cleaning?

Residential window cleaning is a good investment in your home by allowing more natural light into your home. Clean windows make your home look fresher and cleaner, improving the curb appeal.

More importantly, professional window cleaning gives you something money can't buy...more time! If you have ever tackled cleaning your windows, you know how much time, energy, supplies it takes to clean both sides of the windows effectively without leaving streaks, scratches, or residue behind.

Preventative Maintenance

Some residential window cleaning services offer additional services like cleaning sills, tracks, and screens. A properly cleaned window brings more light into your home, improving your health and visual appeal.

The more often your windows are cleaned, the less of a chance you have for buildup and damage to your windows. Fingerprints and dirt are apparent, buildup from cooking, burning candles, using a fireplace, and smoking often goes unnoticed. This grime attracts dirt and dust, making your windows look dull and dingy.

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Better Health At Home

How your home looks from the outside is just as important as how it looks inside. Sparkling clean windows work both ways by getting better views from inside looking out, and clean windows from the outside make your home look newer and fresh.

Keeping windows free from dirt, dust, and buildup will allow more natural sunlight into your home, decreasing the need for using lights, reducing your electric bill. It also creates a more inviting atmosphere and can even lighten your mood.

Why Should I Hire Performance Janitorial For Window Cleaning?

Performance Janitorial is a residential cleaning company focused on cleaning for your health. We provide a wide range of services, from window washing in the Upper Valley to cleaning carpets and many other parts of your home. Your family's health and safety is our priority.

Our professional window cleaners are professionally trained, insured, and bonded. We choose the safest window cleaning products that get the job done right to protect your family and clean your windows.

How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

The IWCA recommends that windows be cleaned twice a year. Scheduling a window cleaning should coincide with your seasonal house cleanings.

Spring cleaning removes the buildup on the inside that comes from having your home closed up for the winter months. This gets rid of winter weather dirt and mineral deposits on the outside. On the inside, it cuts through the dirt, dust, and grime buildup from cooking, using your wood stove, dust, and everyday buildup that happens during winter months. The other times of the year to clean are during the fall going into winter. This removes dust and dirt stirred up from the planting and harvest seasons.

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