Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

We take the stains, dirt, grime and stink out of your upholstery making it fresh, clean and new looking


Healthy Dirt & Grime Free Furniture

Maintaining a clean, healthy, and odor-free workplace starts with clean carpets and furniture. While commercial office furniture is designed to be durable and resistant to staining and soiling, dirt and odors will build up over time and begin to cause premature wear. Regular maintenance helps preserve the warranty, look and feel of your furniture.

Put Value Back Into Furniture

It can be easy to overlook the cleaning and maintenance of your office furniture. Take a moment to consider how much use your desk chairs, your waiting room furniture, and your break room furniture sees daily. Overlooking cleaning these assets in your facility can cost you money early to replace them. Now try to remember the last time you had those items professionally cleaned. Now is a great time to get them professionally cleaned.

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Get It Done Correctly

At Performance Janitorial, we make it easy for you to keep your upholstered chairs, couches, and even partitions clean and healthy. We utilize a powerful hot-water truck-mounted extraction system to deliver excellent results. Regular cleaning can help minimize wear and tear, extending your replacement cycle and saving you money in the long run.

Why Should I Hire Performance Janitorial For Upholstery Cleaning?

At Performance Janitorial, we don't just clean the upholstery in your office. Our focus is to protect your employees and customers when they are in your building. That is why we offer fabric protection and deodorization with every cleaning.

Odors are a severe concern for business owners, and a smelly office may result from smelly furniture. Our technicians are specially trained in deodorizing and fabric protection. Our cleaning process masks odors and treats them at the source, neutralizing any foul smells for good.
After your furniture has been cleaned, we recommend protecting your fabrics with a Scotch Guard to block stains and odors. Scotch guard improves the fabric's resistance to dry soiling, water-based stains, and daily wear and tear, helping to extend the lifespan of your furniture.

We understand the importance of having a great-looking office and how that can impact your customers and employees. If you consider commercial upholstery cleaning, contact us today to discuss your needs. We offer convenient scheduling and service to fit your schedule and combine multiple services in one visit to limit any disruption to your business.

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